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HI, welcome to mani world! this site is an amalgamation of my interests, which includes old web! i grew up during the era of myspace, but was too young to have one, so i'd just watch my cousins decorate their pages. i also used to deck the hell out of my tumblr before most of the userbase became mobile users (boo!).

and me? i'm a 20 somethin' year old compsci student who draws in her spare time and loves a good mango. speaking of, i think some on my tree might be ripe soon..

16 yr old me's favs

My babygirls.

LIKES: otomes, magi girls, shoujos, breakcore, being a menace, skeletons, pc98 games, objectifying men, drawing, and my ocs!

DISLIKES: social media, winter, grits, being bored, most anime lmfao

(if you wanna know more about my favs indepth, check my favs page!)


mutuals !

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