welcome to mani anime corner, mani anime momence, etc etc. i dont really watch anime anymore, at most i'll just rewatch something i like! but id like to gush about the ones that shaped me!


updated 1/18/23. . .





OKAY. we (i) will try to be SO normal about this. ANYWAY TMM is about 5 girls who get hit with a beam that infuses their DNA with endangered animal DNA + they become magical girls to fight off some aliens that wanna colonize earth. short and sweet right? its not that complex to understand yet this anime still left its effect on me chile LMFAO

OKAY so my favorite is ichigo unsurprisingly!! i was sooo into catgirls as a kid, i wanted to have cat ears and a tail SOOOOO bad so ofc she's my fav, shes CUTE! ugh i loved their lil cafe uniforms too omfg, maybe one day ill cosplay the cafe fit because it's adorable!!!

but my second fav...? i will be brief. (1/53758) LIKE a lot of magi girls bfs or love interests are this whole convoluted thing LOL, but literally in the FIRST ep they go on a date together ! and its not like aoyama is this bad #bad #boy type thats rly hard to reach and rude and nasty. he is SWEET. overwhelmingly SWEET AND NICE AND CARING. she literally gets hit with the beam while theyre on their date lol, she transforms and beats the bad guy but passes out.... and he sits right there with her until she comes to, and isnt even upset abt the date being 'ruined'!!! LIKE WHO IS DOING THAT FOR YALLS FAVS.....

and guess what. over time he actually figures out her 'double life' but keeps his lips shut bc he knows she doesnt want him to know. just minds his mf business. SO many eps show him just being the most gentlemanly character towards her and his laugh is so nice (writing this made me realize he had the same voice as KOMAEDA. but lets ignore that.) i didnt even get to how much i love His love for ichigo, and also for the environment. its cute.

i wont spoil what happens w him but just know he is down for ichigo till the END!!!!! PERIODTTTT!!!!

(also idgaf if it 'wasnt in the manga', GIVE AOYAMA HIS MELANIN BACK DAMN!!!!!!)

rly random bt i needed to put it somewhere, but satoshi ishinos eps were the SEXIESSTTTT eps visual wise!! if you look at how i draw myself i kinda adopt how he does eyes. my style is v 90s/early 2000s anime inspired in general tho. :]

now before i get to my fav part, showing transformations and such, i will say there is a TMM reboot! and...! i haven't really watched it. i was so excited for it but 1. the first ep crammed ike 7 eps into 1. it was genuinely overwhelming like where are we rushing to ?! GJHNBFH then 2. the transformations..... its not giving. theyre beautiful! not tokyo mew mew though. everything from the music to the animation style is extremely precure. the transformations are actually a lil naseuating to watch bc the screen shakes like theyre being shot putting their clothes on LOL. the personality is rly lost, the big animation budget doesnt make up for it for me.

like my god. not even close. mew mints (she's blue lol) whole thing is she is graceful and a mf ballerina.... AND Y'ALL COULDNT ACTUALLY ANIMATE THE BALLERINA PART ??? THE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS BEND SHE DOES TO TOUCH HER BACK? HER ARMS TO IMITATE THE WINGS COMING OUT HER BACK???? Y'ALL ARE SICKKKK!!!

ok thank you for coming to my TED talk <3 i honestly might rewatch this anime soon or try again to give the reboot a chance but i got the anime rewatchability of a fish. OK BYEEEEE


PUSSOME RESPECT ON PPGZ RIGHT MF NEEOOWWW!! actually no, you will watch this before you read on.

okay now that im normal and no longer in tears! (<- lying)

ppgz is the spinoff anime version of powerpuff girls!!!! has somewhat of the same premise, the girls are normal humans that dont know each other until theyre hit bit chemical z (it was x, until the professors dog dropped food in it LOL) light rays and turned them to superheroes!! there were also Bad light rays that hit some other people and animals (like mojo jojo) and now they have to save tokyo from criminals and these new bad super ppl. :]

my fav is actually kaoru, or POWAAAAADO BUTTAAACUPPPP‼ tomboys will always be my first choice, and also i LOVE hammers!! i luv her powered down look as well bc its so spunky and cute !! the way she kinda bothers ken (utonium's son) is rly cute as well, tho i love how they All treat him like a little brother, its rly sweet.

my second fav is peach/poochi bc i mean look at him.

powapuff zeto da wan..!!!

as someone who loved the original PPG, PPGZ is such a fun series that doesnt take itself too seriously, but obviously has a lot of love for the original series that i cant say the 2016 reboot had LOL. it plays around with the concept respectfully and does its own thing!! the style is also extremely cute and dynamic, expressions on point, just a joy to watch !!

the transformations are iconic idc. sometimes when i have a big ol belt on, i cant stop from myself from yelling one of their names and magi girl transforming!!

princess morbucks transformation is kinda silly but it was so silly it became cute. like the lil stars twirling in her eyes wahhhh

GO WATCH IT PEAASEE ITS ONLY 52 EPS FR!! very episodic and easy to follow, tho the plot pops in every now and again !! you wont regret it ok *grips you* PLEA--