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Chapter 1: My Princess: Dominik POV

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i read suitor armor and LOVED it for webtoon fr. caught up and waiting for thursday. in the meanwhile im thinking on my OWN ocs not as the characters, just in a general similar setting. medieval, kam is a princess (her name is kendra) and deuce is a knight (his name is dominik)! sfw this chapter, nsfw next chapter, threesome third chapter. hopefully!

I've been a knight of Kingsport for half a decade now.

I did not have an easy road to knighthood as all of my comrades did. I was a disfigured orphan boy adopted by a low class family: a woman, her sick husband, and her two young girls. I was found dirty and hungry, and the mother fed me with what she had. She bathed me, laid my head across her bosom. I had never felt such love. 

Then, her husband died. She took great lengths to teach me everything a man should know, how to read, write, cook, how to treat women, to fend for myself.

By a stroke of luck, a knight took pity upon me and made me his page. He could see what I could not see in myself, then made me a squire. On my 18th birthday, I was officially dubbed a knight.

My adoptive mother, who I loved like my own blood, cried tears of happiness.

It was hard to leave home, but I now had a job to do: protect and serve the monarchs. With this, I could finally give back to a woman who gave her all to give me a better life.

The Code of Chivalry that every knight must follow includes these five vows: fear God and His church, serve the liege lord in valor and faith, protect the weak and defenseless, live by honor and for glory, and respect the honor of women.

Within the confines of these castle walls, I've seen many of these vows broken.

Many came from rich and well esteemed families, so they did not care. Other men took the vows too lightly and thought of them as mere suggestions, not rules to live by.

They were all exiled.

Knights came and went but I never wavered. My loyalty to the crown and work ethic was never up for debate. 

The king saw my efforts and took a liking to me. One day, he brought me into his chambers for conversation. Jovial as always, he put his hand upon my shoulder. Somehow, I was nervous for what he had to say.

“Dominik, had you not been a knight”, he said, “I'd have had you as my son in law.”

That brings me to where I am now: a personal bodyguard to the king, but most often than not, a bodyguard to his daughter, Lady Kendra.

The castle courtyard was quiet and tranquil. The grass swayed in the gentle summer's breeze. All the knights had finished training and were inside devouring their lunch. I've always been a fast eater, and enjoy aiding digestion by taking a quick walk around the castle. My heels clicked against the brick trail to my destination. A singular person in the middle of the field caught my eye.

It was the princess.

It was almost like the sun was shining her rays only on her. She sat cross legged in the grass, dirtying her maroon dress. It complimented her rich brown skin and short, rosey hair. Her tassled earrings and necklace reflected light beautifully. A single monarch butterfly sat at the tip of her finger, as she lovingly inspected it. As much as she could inspect it, anyway. The princess’ vision was degenerating and at a fast pace, too. She had glasses to help but she never seemed to wear them unless she had to do something important, such as reading.

“Dominik, is that you?”

I blinked. “Yes, yes it is I, Princess. How did you know? How could you see me from such a distance?” I couldn't help but walk over to her since she had already spotted me.

She giggled. “You're much bigger than all of the knights, bigger than any man I have ever seen. I know which footsteps are yours. Plus, you always leave lunch early. Presumably to come look for me?”

It wasn't completely for her, but.. it was part of it. Why spend my time in the company of men when I could spend it with a woman? But I would never admit this.

“I, well, I am your bodyguard, my lady. What if something happened to you while I feasted?”

She giggled again. Patting the patch of grass beside her, she smiled,“Come sit down with me, you silly knight.”

I shook my head. “Sorry, my lady. I am on duty.”, I saluted.

The jangle of my armor clanking together scared the princess, along with making the butterfly fly away.

“Oh, no..”, she pouted. The look on her face tugged at my heartstrings. Before I could apologize yet again, she got up from her spot and dusted herself off.

“Well, I suppose my time in the courtyard is over, dear knight. I really wanted to thoroughly inspect that butterfly and write about it in my journals.” Putting a hand on my chest armor, she looked up to my helmet. “But you scared the creature away.”

I loved looking into her eyes. They were big and brown, shimmering gold within the sunlight. Sometimes, I found myself getting lost in them…

“I will make it up to you. I will bring you around the castle and help you find another one. It is summer, there are plenty of them to find and collect.”

Her entire face lit up like the sun. “You would do that for me? See, this is why you are my favorite of all the kingsmen. Thank you, Dominik!”

The warmth of the sun must have been getting to me, as my cheeks suddenly felt flushed. She put her arm around me, and I could only feel my temperature rise.

“Lead me, sir knight.”

I began walking towards the gate, making sure the princess could match my speed. “Of course, my princess.”

Both Kendra and I had traversed these castle grounds many times. I, for work, and her, for leisure. The princess craved independence, so most times she would go by herself. To keep herself safe, she'd carry her favorite large stick with her. Sometimes for protection, but mostly to keep her trail clear of debris that may make her stumble. Other knights would keep a close eye on her but allow her her freedom. 

It was unusual for her to willingly take a knight with her.

The way we walked felt almost like bride and groom. Her head laid on my armor like a tired wife leaning on her husband at the end of a long day. She was… comfortable with me. And I with her. I knew of her my entire life.. but did not truly know her until now. What a blessing it was to be in the position I am.

“Find any butterflies yet?”

I shook my head. “None to report so far.”

A giggle escaped her. It was like music to my ears.

“How long have we been acquainted, Dominik?”

How long have we been in each other's company now?

“Three years, I believe.”

“Would you consider us… friends?”

Friends was unfortunately a.. strange word to use. I was her knight, her bodyguard. I am paid to protect her. Though pay doesn't seem to be what keeps me tethered to her. But friends..? I'm unsure if I could ever be called such a thing to her..

The silence nipped at her. “Are you at least someone I can trust?”

“Always, my lady. I am here to serve you.”

She sighed. “Alright.” A tinge of defeat flavored her words, but I could not figure out why. 

“Come with me,” she whispered, “I want to bring you somewhere first.”

The forest around the castle was bushy and thorough. The princess guided me through the trees, dodging every branch effortlessly. “Where are you bringing me?”, I asked.

“My favorite place.”

At a certain tree, there was a sliver of red fabric tied to a bush. Once she spotted it, she moved some leaves and walked down into a ditch. It was clean and dry, obviously created by human hands. The ditch was completely hidden by vegetation, making it like a secret room. There was a book or two along with a pair of glasses sitting in a corner. Is this where she was always running off to?

“Sit with me.”

This time, I did.

“Did you make this space?”

“No,” she responded, “but I did tidy it up. This is where I come when I would like some peace and time away from my duties.”

“Ah, so this is why we never can find you.”

“And if you know what is good for you, you will act like this place does not exist. Do I make myself clear?”

A fiery little thing when she wants to be. She sounded like her father. “Yes, my lady.”

The two of us chuckled.

"Knight Dominik, may I share a.. secret?" I looked down at her to see her looking up at me, fingers haphazardly intertwined with mine. I couldn't move.

"Of course, my lady."

"Sometimes, I wish that I were able to.. live life as a man."

A pause.

"You.. wish to be born male?"

"No!”, she yelled. “Just... live life the way you all do. Going wherever I desire, doing whatever I wish to do, answering to no one.... trousers would also be nice."

She pouted indignantly. "If I were not a woman, I'd be taught archery! And fencing! And magic! Maybe, I'd have even been a knight just like you.." I could feel her fingers swirling over the iron of my armored hands.

"But you are blind, m'lady.", I responded matter-of-factly.

"A girl can dream, can't she?" 

That she can.

"And if I were a man, maybe I'd be.. my love wouldn't be…”, she sputtered. “Nevermind."

"A-anyway. I've heard gossip around the castle and even in the markets, too. 'The princess is mannish, unladylike, reprehensible! Whoever weds her will be a sad, sad man!'”, she sighed. “The only life for me is as a spinster. If I am already seen as a man, why not live as one as well?"

As a knight, I have seen more than any commoner could ever see. I have seen the worst parts of the princess first hand. Her anger, her tears, the way she likes her tea. I have also seen the great sides as well. Her passion, her love for animals big and small, her neverending kindness and beautiful smile. To say, I was upset was an understatement.

How dare her citizens think of her that way?

How dare she think of herself that way?

"Because you are no man and never could be. Your hair likens you to that of a rose. You are smarter, kinder, and wittier than any woman I have ever known. ‘Wise ruler’, ’greatest champion’, ‘beautiful’, you live up to your name and then some. Any man worth his weight in gold would be elated to be wed to such a charming woman such as yourself."

Her yellow undertones surely changed to red. She rivaled an apple in color. It is when I realized I might have made a grave mistake. One, I am her subordinate. And two…

“I.. Th-this, uh, is inappropriate. My sincerest apologies. I should g--"

"N-no.. Please... stay.", she whispered, grabbing me by the arm. It only made me feel worse.

"No, I cannot. I overstepped my bound--"

"Did you not mean it?"

Yet another pause.

"...I did. I meant every word."

She laid on my chest, both hands intertwined with mine. If I didn't know any better, she could probably hear the quickening of my heart from her touch. “Then why..?”

"I… I am only a knight. I couldn't. This would get us killed. Besides…” I closed my eyes to steady myself, even though she could not see them. “I thought you laid only with women."

Kendra staggered backwards, eyes wide. She was afraid, almost like a cornered animal. "What do you mean..?"

“I saw you.. with your lady in waiting, a few nights ago."

It took a lot for her to cry. It hurt to know what I had just said to her was another reason for her to. 

"And who did you tell?"

I rushed to her side, gingerly wiping away the new tears threatening to stain her cheeks. "Please, Princess, calm down. I told no one. I would never put you in danger, my lady.” I cradled her face. “Ever. I was ready to take the secret to my grave... along with my love for you."

We could not meet gazes, and yet she still searched for truth in mine.


"I.. do you love her?"

She shifted. "I.. I do not know. Yes, I have been intimate with her, as intimate as two women could be... but my brain and my heart are at odds with each other. I'm afraid and don't wish to lose either of you."

Kendra had known her lady in waiting practically since birth, while she only knew me a few years. It was… understandable. Even though I didn't care if it was or not.

I just wanted her to pick me.

"But perhaps, if we were to get to know each other just as intimately…”, her hand wandered from my tasset down to my crotch piece, “my mind would be put at ease."

doodle of princess kendra! just imagine deuce looks like a sexy armored dude that tucks his tail and never takes off his helmet LOL