AUGUST 29TH / 7:03PM


booked/searched up many doc appts and i probably wont get them till next month. which is okay! im just glad im facing my fears/working towards the stuff i need to do.

i... didnt paint my new desk LOL bc i need to get up early before the sun shines, but i DID buy paint! so hopefully i get that done tomorrow.

errrr i didnt finish my last comm.. but i can start it today! and i never bought curtains for my bed because i just forgot. but maybe it can be a treat for myself... *looks on amazon*

but beside all THAT i started school a week ago! im taking it easy this semester. im trying really hard to work on Me. im such an avoidant person.. but i realized i am so.. incontent? uncontent? Not Content with my life, at all. i cant do the same things over and over again and expect new results. SO im here getting out of my comfort zone.

i made a discord, i booked so many appts (even booked one for my sibling), one of the appts being for therapy/adhd diagnosis... like im very hard on myself but im trying my best and dammit i deserve a treat.

sorry this was so long lmfao but errr in case this is my last one for august, luv you guys !!


haven't done MUCH but i did take down my braids (lazily) and now i need to detangle my hair..

also got really far on a commission, might finish it today! still havent bought the paints for my desk but ignore that.

but what i DID do is finally get a list of psychs AND book an appt with one! so thats 1/3 done... i cant see them till september but i have a few others to call, to see if i can get one closer.

adhd diagnosis is so close i can almost taste it...


IT'S AUGUST YIPEEEE-- i have school in 19 days. BUT. I'm trying to make this month better..! I worked out all last week and need to do my workouts for today too! Errr, I need to start eating better (more) to hit my weight gain goals, too.. I'm determined to become the big ass, buff, sexy gnc girl of my dreams or so help me, God.

I also bought a desk like two weeks ago for $40 that I'm gonna paint for my room! It's a dark blue, might just accent it with some rainbow colors for my soon to be rainbow room! I've always wanted a nice room and can finally get it 20 yrs later.. it's nice.

Aaaand I think that's it! May attempt to do my own hair this month, but we'll see. Made a to-do list on the side over there, so lets hope I get some stuff done this month!

Will be updating y'all w/ pics of the desk, or my hair, or whatever when ready. See y'all in a few!! Make this month a good one!