NOVEMBER 17th / 2:55PM

FORGOT TO MAKE A BLOG FOR NOVEMBER... i didnt really have a theme for this month because whats november? fall again? i needed something new so i picked something random LOL.

okay, so i set my desk up in my room last month and its so comfy and cute to sit on! also got really into burger king whoppers?? ive had like 4.. the past two weeks... also binged blue exorcist because i forgot i fell off years ago. missed my favorite demon boy !! bought myself a tv, also getting ever so closer to my dream body and i'm excited :]

but my biggest thing ive done so far is ifinally remade my social medias. i've been considered a fandom artist for a longgg time and while i appreciate all the support ive gotten, i wanna move on and make OC work. so i go by gyalago for now! (you can still find me on @cinnimani most places but im moving slowly!)

here's my insta (16+), tumblr (18+), and twit (18+) if you wanna keep up w my original art. thank yewwww!