the last day of sept... also the last day of my socialed media fast! IT WAS A BIT OF A BUST BC I NEEDED TO STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AND PRAY MORE BUT I LITERALLY COULDN'T GET MYSELF TO REMEMBER TO DO THAT! but its still a gain because i'm not as interested in going back to social media, honestly? i am really enjoying my time working on my website... making a blog post every ~3 days of any thoughts i need to get out.... actually getting things done......

back in january i did a 3 week socmed fast and literally had withdrawal symptoms LOL. this time i was honestly just a bit bored because i get inspiration from looking at peoples art online! other than that, i found other things to do.

really made me excited for when i remake all my social media next year..!



i still have hw due wednesday but i probably dont have a quiz due till next week, thank god! and i am.. 71.3% sure.... im understanding my homework! so thats good too. i only need to maybe go back through a lecture and ill be fine :] (fingers crossedt.)

my socmedia fast also ends in 11 days! i am bored . but i am getting things done! ive pretty much did all i wanted to do on my site for now, so instead of coding unneccessary pages, im probably gonna set sights on my next project: learning blender!

i already started making a lil lowpoly vers of my sona hehe....

OH and i bought a samsung tablet! I CAN FINALLY READ IN BED WITH EASE!! I CAN FINALLY READ WEBTOONS/TAPAS!! just bought a burrito too.. bought to wine and dine as i read some silly webcomic..... my reward fo studying everyday the last like 4 days.........


got myself into a conundrum . as girls tend to do . . .

ARHGGHGHGH i goofed off the first few weeks of school because. ? anyway its biting me in the ass now. trying to get on top of these missed lectures is KILLIN ME! i dont particularly like either of my classes but theyre not Super Hard, theyre just not... fun. i love programming, im good at organizing a thing let me tell you. but once i gotta learn Words and Terms i just wanna SLEEP!!

artificial intelligence is NOT fun! i wanna see robots oiled up and TWERKING!!!!! but no i gotta learn abt agents and searches and DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS 😥 WHO CARES!!!!

and computing systems... god. even worse. zzz SNOOZEFEST this class is ASS!!!

i have hw due wednesday and a quiz sometime next week as well, along with 10 whole ass lectures to get through this weekend........ pray for me 😪



got my school refund, so i may finally be able to get a new comp or a tablet/phone! also booked my first therapy appt for tomorrow, the 13th! ive been trying to get a price on how much sessions will cost for WEEKS (as i'm uninsured), so i assumed itd be Expensive. but they told me im actually covered by a grant... so now i can get #therapized.... for free ?!

also been consuming a lot of adult swim cartoons. im not a big watcher of Literally Anything, but i finally got through moral orel (REALLY liked the show, i'm surprised), now almost on season 3 of venture bros. for whatever reason the art style is rly inspiring to me, theres so many cool face shapes and WELL DEFINED NOSES and fun expressions! i've been wanting to diversify my oc's faces even more, so ive saved a lot of screenshots from the show for my ref!

and lastly i.... FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO BRAID, LETS GO BABYYY!!! i need to learn how to cornrow then i can begin giving myself the anime hairstyles of my dreams....... if all goes well, i'll be giving black ibuki mioda.

if all goes terribly, ill just be rockin my fro LOL


today is the start of my 21 day social media fast! usually religious fasts are fasting away from food in some capacity, but unfortunately i have adhd and accidentally starve myself on the regular. so. i will be AWAY from the medias that are social. (and maybe also doing the opposite, making sure i *do* eat LOL)

for me, thats facebook, twitter, insta and tumblr! neocities isnt one to me so im allowing myself to chill and code.

im excited to not only detox from socmed, but also renew myself spiritually! and spend more time on things that matter.

send good vibes, keep me in your prayers, etc etc. i'm excited to see my life change in these three weeks!

also it's my bestie falltumn's birthday. say happy bday to her right neow!!


WOO okay hi. im honestly rly sleepy i should prolly have a meal. BUT today i will be productive (lying) i NEED to finish this one piece of homework, first off. then work on my comm... then start my art of the month..... THEN!

im gonna try blender. i wanna get good at it and make my ocs in it! i NEED my ocs to do silly MMD dances! deuce is gonna do love and joy and he is gonna Like it.

thats all, hopefully i can get stuff done, get the ball rollin, etc. have a good day :]



okay so today i finally reset my ENTIRE computer, literally took 6. whole hours from start to finish. but that doesnt even account for me trying to back up all my files and write down a zillion passwords and what have you. altogether it prolly brought me closer to 12 lmfao.

my poor google drive has 90% of my stuff and half of the space was taken up by my sims mods folder LMFAO, other half by all my art pieces! (i havent even dld everything back on my comp, but i Did run and jump to dl brackets so i can make a blog entry fjhdjhdb)

im just tired now. exhausted, even ! i just wanna do one lil doodle then hit the hay, but i might just save it for tomorrow.... night yall zzz


welp! im up asf doodling so i may as well upload my diary for september, ha.

did a bit of note taking for class today, then tried to reward myself by doing some art studies (yaaayy, shes starting off her september right doing ONE thing on her todo list!)

was watching a bunch of vids from marco bucci on painting/understanding the head, then attempted one of my ocs... didnt come out very well honestly LOL but! cant be discouraged. i will simply try again tomorrow!!

tbf recently i just... havent been in the mood to draw. like i want to (or more importantly i wish to see content of my ocs) but the... Talent? isnt there. artblocks prolly creeping up on me.

its okay if my arts a little unslay rn. maybe if i take a break, gather some inspiration.. itll all come back to me.

here's the art i did earlier, if youd like to see..!

goodnight and have a happy septemburr..