look out ! woman who has eaten nothing but a choclate bar the entire day and is on the brink of tears is on the loose ! (dw, im making myself eggs as we speak.)

anyway. being moody and talking in my lil journal abt how im scared to admit smthn to myself and others (its Genuinely not serious, i just have ocd LOL) so im crying my lil eyes out and scweaming and throwing up and dying instead. i told myself this year id get closer to God and well.... *looks away from my 'read the bible in a year' plan ive read one day of* i need to get back to that. literally some food and a prayer would cure me. heavy on the food. but also complaining is more fun.

also making myself go on a very small socmedia break (one week) so you may see more updates this week than the past two months LOL. signing off to have my lil eggs and milo, have a blessedt day <3


I AM FEELING CRAZY AND INSANE AND IDK WHY ?! like omfg, firstable today i felt like crying over my OCs but not in the good way. i just felt like even though theyre my pride and joy, im just not good enough as a writer or comic artist to make them Engaging and get other people to like them. i literally know thats not true so i was like 'maybe i just need a snack' so i got some cookies to make myself feel better.

now hours later im upset but in a dif way. now i feel impulsive and attention seeking ?! i literally feel like im pulling myself by a leash that im holding trying to get myself to not do something stupid rn ?!?!!?!?! like where does this weird mood END fr... i want attention, i wanna be loved, i want a partner, i want to be NOTICED AAUUGHGGHGGUHH i thought maybe writing this down would make me feel better and it has a bit but maybe i should just get off social media for the day tbh.

something something the suffocating loneliness of a 20+ yr old.. sorry to end on such a bad note LOL but yeah. hope youre having a better day than me!



1. somehow became a youtuber? i started reading more webcomics to study from (also just to enjoy) so i could draw my comic better. started with webtoons, hated a majority of the comics there LOL, then went to tapas and found a bunch more i liked. then i had the thought to make neocities article about what i liked and didnt like w/ webcomics (webtoons specifically) but instead made a video out of it bc i was having a hard time writing my thoughts with words........

now in a month the video has 35k views. and ive gained 1.2k subscribers. well! wont look a gift horse in the mouth, happy youtuber era to me !

2. related, but i've finally made an oc animatic ive wanted to make for a while. kamdeuce lovers here's ya food!


3. have been making OCs like nobody's business fr. funtimes! had a dream about magical girls and now have some magi girl ocs. im a big mg enjoyer so im having so much fun w/ it! youll see a page for them on my worlds page sometime soon. but for now look at my designs !!


well thats all i got for now! also thank yall for 50k site views too!! have a good day :]