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my daydreams but insaner

me mf who else

Chapter 1: Only One Bed

giiiiiirl will sex happen? maybe maybe not!


ive had this daydream in my head a few months until my brain expanded on it Last Night and had some DELICIOUS dialogue! how did it get to 4k words? I Dont Know. all i had in my mind was like 3 scenes. turned in 1 billion. Apologies .

"Hey, thanks again for coming to my show. And for bringing me back home. My brother was supposed to come back for me and got caught up in some shit, augh.."

"It ain't no problem.", he replied.

It really wasn't. Both him and Ka'meisha lived in Miami, but her performance was all the way in Delray Beach. Taking the highway cuts the drive in half, but it's still an hour thirty one way, excluding traffic. Deuce had driven longer for stupider things. He thoroughly enjoyed her performance and his time there. Then when Ka'meisha came up to him saying she had no ride back home, he made it his mission to get her back home safely. It was a no brainer.

It's what.. friends did for each other.

[ I love dominantly.. You make me weak, make me thirsty for release.. ]

Ka'meisha squinted looking over the car's controls, trying to figure out which lit up knob controlled the volume. "You mind if I..?"

Deuce grunted, and she turned up the song.

"What song is this? I like it.", she smiled.

"It's off my driving playlist, a Daniel Ceasar song, I think. Can't look right now."

"Yeah, I know," she replied, "just send me the playlist when you get home. You know I love finding new music."

A loud crack coming from the sky muted the song from the sheer volume of it. With it came equally as deafening rain. The way it pounded against the windows was anxiety inducing even for the strongest of people.

"Oh god, fuck. C'mon, what is this? Can you check and see what the weather's like in Miami?" Ka'meisha nodded. The rain was heavy and thick, covering the already dark roads in a white mist. He threw on his windshield wipers, but they didn't help. Nighttime and blinding rain was not the best combo, especially not on the lawless roads of the highway.

"Siri, what is the weather forecast for Miami?"

"The weather forecast for Miami is stormy, with thunderstorms and rain. Precipitation: 96%. Humidity: 65%. Wind: 25mph."

Bringing her phone back to her mouth again, Ka'meisha replied, "And how long will it be raining, Siri?"

"It will rain until 2am."

"Man.. and It's pro'ly just gonna get worse the closer we get there.."

"Shit. I can barely see as is. And I don't got a second pair of eyes to look for me. We're riding right into the rain." Deuce sighed, letting a long exhale through his golden teeth. "Okay, hold on, hold on.. this exit.. okay, I'mma have to turn off here."

Ka'meisha perked up hearing his blinkers turn on. "Where we goin'?"

"It's got lodging, somewhere for us to just stay the night. So, we can get out this damn rain. And I'mma be honest, I was startin' to get a li'l sleepy anyway." He calmly got over, then turned on the closest exit. "So, shit. Might as well."

"Two beds?"

Deuce blinked. "Huh? Sorry, I didn't hear you."

"Sorry", she said, clearing her throat, "I meant are we, um, having two beds. To sleep in."

"I mean, yeah." He breathed in, then breathed out, a little exhausted. "Two beds, one big bed, they both the same price, really. But I can only afford one room if that's cool with you."

A little jittery, she replied. "Yeah, fine, s'cool. Just didn't wanna.. you know, it's fine. Not tryna impose. I can at least pay half or something.."

The motel was not even a mile into the exit. "Oh, seems.. We here."

Parking, he pulled up to the motel and hopped out. Seconds later, he appeared on Ka'meisha's side with an umbrella to open her door for her. "Make sure you got all your stuff. Then we can make a run for it."

"Sorry, hun, the only room we have left is a room with a double bed. Tonight's booked booked."

Elbow to the countertop, Deuce pinched his nose bridge. "Y'all don't have anything else?"

"I mean I could see if we had anything in the morning but then you'd have to sleep in your car.."

Ka'meisha tapped on the countertop nervously. "Does it have a sofa bed, or..?"

"Baby, this is a motel, not the Ritz-Carlton." The clerk continued typing away with her long, acrylic nails. "So, are you booking..?"

Deuce looked back to see a line starting to form behind him. There was no guarantee he wouldn't have to do this all over again at a different motel. Taking out his ID and credit card, he nodded to the woman. "Yeah, we'll take it."

After checking them out and giving Deuce back his things with along their new key, the clerk smiled.

"Thanks for choosing the Love Dove Motel. Have a blessed night."

The room was nice, well, as nice as a motel room could be. Smelled a bit weird, but surprisingly not like smoke. Deuce checked around the room for anything off. Bed sheets had been changed, there were enough amenities for the both of them, sockets worked, and the door locked securely. Wasn't more he could ask for from a room that cost him less than a hundred for the night.

"I can sleep on the floor, D. It's fine."

Deuce's eyebrows scrunched up, his entire face looking as if she had just insulted him and his entire family. "On the floor? Kam.. My momma would kill me if she ever heard I let a woman sleep on the floor."

Exasperated, Ka'meisha asked, "So where will you sleep? You can't sleep on the floor because you're the only person that can drive. And you paid good money to be here." She pushed her hair back out of her face, lightly detangling her salmon curls as her fingers weaved through them. "Unless.. your car.."

"No.", he stated. "That's too far. If something happened to you while I was out there.."

"Oh, no, I meant me out there."

He kissed his teeth. "Same difference. No, worse. You can't be out there, I can't be out there. I gotta make sure you get home in one piece." They both sighed, resigned. "Well," Ka'meisha pondered, "are you gonna go to sleep right now?"

They both flopped down on opposite sides of the bed. "I mean, in the next hour or so, pro'ly. Why?"

Lightly stretching her neck, she replied, "I'd love to take a shower if we have one." Ka'meisha brought her legs up on the bed to sit more comfortably. "I don't have any clean clothes to change into, though, hmm.. Wait, do you think maybe I could wash what I have on right now?"

"In the shower?", Deuce grimaced. "Wait, let me check the lobby right quick actually." Dailing the number to the lobby, he put the motel's receiver to his ear. "Hey, I already know this ain't the Ritz-Carlton but do y'all do laundry here? Mmkay, so I need quarters. How long does it take? I'm only gonna wash like 2 pieces of clothes. 30 minutes to wash, 20 to dry.. Okay, and it's to the left once I get out the room. Alright. Thank you."

Deuce hung up the receiver. "They got laundry. So just go to the bathroom and take off your clothes and I'll wash it for you."

"Uhh.. okay." she replied meekly. "Um.. would you mind.. showing me where the bathroom is..?"

"Shit. Sorry." Taking her hand, he led her to the bathroom. "It's right here. And.. wait, hold on."

Ka'meisha saw him walk into the bathroom but couldn't tell what he was doing besides hearing some objects shuffling around.

"I've put the towel, rag, and soap all here on the toilet for you. There really isn't a counter in here. Here's the sink, that's the shower. I put my towel on the floor for you, so you don't gotta step on the floor."

"You not showering tonight?"

Deuce continued prepping the bathroom, moving anything out of the way that Ka'meisha could trip on. "Took a shower right before I left to come see you."

Something about the tone of his voice made her heart skip a beat. 'To come see her'.. yes, he really did, didn't he? He drove over an hour to see her perform... then had no qualms about making an extra trip to bring her back home. When it started to rain, he didn't complain. When he had to shell out money for them to take shelter, he didn't complain about that either. Now he was here, happily washing her clothes for her and patiently explaining where everything was so she could shower. Everything he had done so far was to keep her comfortable, and more importantly, safe. To say she was touched was an understatement.

"Thank you. Seriously. I.. It costs money, right? I'm sure I got a few quarters in my wallet--"

Immediately, he shut it down. "Naw, you good. I'm not gon' be hurtin' over 6 quarters. Just take your clothes off so I can go wash 'em."

After closing the door, she stripped off her outside clothes. Joggers, socks, shirt, a patterned racerback bra and some boxer briefs. With the towel around her, she cracked open the door and handed him her clothes.

"I'll be back in like an hour, I 'unno. Keep your phone near you just in case you need me."

She thanked him again, nodded, then closed the door. After a few seconds, he heard the shower turn on.

The thought of lingering ran across his mind, but he reigned in what had to be a bad idea. He had a date with the motel laundromat. That's all he needed to be thinking on right now.

It'd been at least 25 minutes of Deuce just watching the machine spin. Lost in his thoughts, thinking on the entire day, what conversations he'd had, things he forgot to do.. the beautiful woman sitting alone in his motel room. He'd been staring so long he almost forgot where he was..

Was Kam okay?

He looked around after being snapped back into reality. There wasn't anyone else in the laundromat besides an elderly black man. Deuce gave him a head nod, and he gave Deuce one back. He checked his phone, no calls. From Kam, family, or friends. He was fine, everyone was fine. He looked back at the timer, now a tad impatient. "5 minutes left..", he mumbled.

"Oh, I remember you from earlier! I don't usually see a lotta young cats like you in this motel.", said the old man. "Takin' a quick stop here with you and your lady?"

Ka'meisha wasn't his lady. They were only close friends.. (Even though he wished they were more.)

But it's not like it was this random man's business.

"Yeah.", Deuce replied. "She wanted me to wash her clothes for her."

"Mhm, exactly what a man is supposed to do: whatever the missus asks.", he laughed. "Not even waiting until the morning, getting' it done here and now! She's a lucky girl."

"Yeah, gotta treat 'em right." Scoffing, Deuce replied, "Happy wife, happy life."

The old man's grin widened. "Oh, y'all married?"

Something in Deuce's soul cringed. "Not yet, but real soon, I hope."

"When you know, you know." The older man began taking some clothes out of a dryer and putting it in a basket. After he finished, he closed the dryer door with his hip. "Do it at your own pace. When you're ready."

"Yeah," Deuce nodded, "I will. Thank you."

With the washer beeping, Deuce began transferring Ka'meisha's wet clothes to an open dryer. He realized that right besides it was two vending machines: one for drinks, one for snacks. He had some extra quarters after paying for the drying cycle, so why not?

"Two ginger ales, a Twix.. she prolly want some chips too, her hungry ass.." Pushing in A5 into the machine, he waited for the flaming hot Cheetos to fall so he could retrieve them. "Wonder if she wants it now.." Checking the timer, there were 10 minutes left. He had enough time to get there and back.

It'd be quick and easy.

Opening the door, he could hear the shower still going. "Hey, Kam, you still in the shower? I got y.." He slowly closed the door, eyes fixated on the bathroom.

She was singing.

"..e up 'til my cup's overflowing.. I'm so anxious just to feel the silence, it's so quiet, but I hear yooou.. Saying to me, baby.."

It wasn't a song he'd heard her sing before. Not from the performance tonight, or from the times he'd heard her sing at her job, the Rose Rooftop Bar. He couldn't tell if it was original, but there wasn't a song that suited her low and rich tones better. She easily slid from note to note, making her singing sound effortless. Sometimes he wished he could get her to sing for him, and only him..

Since she was still showering, he decided to just lay the snacks down and text her where they were later.

Then the bathroom door creaked open.

"It's about time for making up, the times you wasn't with me waking up, lying if I said I didn't miss your touch.. I needed to, I needed to.. Needed to distance myself from you, just to know you were the truth.. but come closer won't you, won't y--"


All the color drained from her face.


Scrambling, she tried covering herself with the towel she was using to dry her hair. Her hair was everywhere, and the towel barely covering her most intimate areas. She wasn't very busty, but what she lacked in bust, she made up for in thighs and ass, which were usually hidden by baggy clothes. Not to mention, she was a very husky woman with beautifully defined arms and shoulders. The water from her shower pooled itself betwixt her collarbone. It was hard not to follow the water droplets making their way down to her chest...

Face flushed, she looked anywhere where Deuce was not. "I-I'm sorry.. I-I didn't know, I thought you were.. Are my clothes done?"

"No, I.. There was just a vending machine down there.", he replied, a little stunned, "So, I got you ginger ale, hot Cheetos, and a Twix. Just thought you'd be done and.. hungry. It's, the clothes got.. 10 minutes left on it. I'mma go.. back. And get it."

"Thank you.. Thank you. Um. I'll just.. be in the bathroom until you get back." A very nervous laugh escaped her mouth. "Yeah."

"Yeah.. okay.", was the only thing he could reply back.

And with that, he was back out the door.

"Shit, man."

Yet again, massaging the bridge of his nose. "She pro'ly thinks I was being weird as fuck now. Uggghhhh." The dryer beeping loudly brought him out of a spiral of self-depreciation, but only for a moment. "I don't want shit to be weird between us now, especially when she can't go home.. shit.."

Deuce started to mindlessly fold her clothes. He felt a tinge of guilt folding her intimates, but he pushed through. They were.. colorful. A patterned racerback bra, patterned boxer briefs, patterned socks.. and none of the patterns matched each other, not even the socks. They were two different pairs.

It was.. cute. Fit her personality.

But he was crossing boundaries, he felt. As if he hadn't done enough of that already tonight. So, he took all her clothes and left for the room again. This time he'd apologize properly.

She'd be clothed and he'd never think about her beautifully carved body this again.

"Hey.. back."

The creak of the front door made her open the bathroom door slightly. She still seemed a little embarrassed by what had happened prior, her cheeks still rosy. "Hey..", she trailed off.

"I got your clothes."

"Thank you.. and thank you for the snacks, too. The Twix was good, you know how much I love Twix."

He came over to the bathroom door and put her pile of clothes in her hand. "Yeah, I remembered."

"I, uh. I just wanted to say I'm sorry for what happened. I wasn't thinking. I thought you said you'd be out an hour and I wasn't looking at the time.. and even then, I shoulda just wore my towel in case."

"No, it's fine. I should've just.. texted you. Or somethin'. Ain't really think about it 'till it was too late. I just don't wanna make anything... weird between us. Especially when we gotta sleep together in the same bed."

Ka'meisha nodded, nervously biting her lip to get the dry skin off. "Yeah, yeah. I get you. Thanks.. again."

With the sound of the door clicking close, Deuce finally allowed himself to lie down and release a breath he didn't even know he'd been holding. "Just gotta get through this night and go home in the morning.. Oh shit, wait. I never called my momma and let her know where I am."

Phone to his ear, he started speaking, "Hey, momma. Yeah, I'm not gonna be home tonight. Not work, got caught up in the storm coming from Delray. Rain was bad, I couldn't see at all. Yeah, I'm here at a motel with a friend. Don't say it like that, ain't nothin' happenin' between us, you know that. Yeah. We safe. Love you. Goodnight."

She peeked around the corner, fully clothed now. Well, sans her pants, but her shirt was long enough to keep her covered. "Who was that?"

"My ol' lady. Just wanted to let her know she'll see me in the morning. You let your family know where you are?"

Ka'meisha's face donned an expression Deuce couldn't pinpoint. "Yeah, they know. My location's shared with everyone."

"Cool, cool.", he replied. "Ready to sleep?"

A laugh escapes her. "Am I ever."

Deuce waits for her to get snuggly into bed before moving his hand to turn off the light. "Anything else you need to do before I turn off this light?"

She gasps, moving her hand across her nightstand to feel what's there. Her foldable white cane.. her finished can of ginger ale and chips.. and her Twix. She hurriedly stuffs the last quarter of the candy into her mouth and swallows, licking the little bits of chocolate from her fingers. "Yup, I'm good."


And all was dark.

For a while, they lay there in silence. Opting to listen to the rain that still assaulted the windows rather than each other. The rain was calm, easy listening. Trying to ignore the other body in their bed was hard.

While they had booked a room with a full-sized bed, neither were petite. Ka'meisha was nearing 6 foot, while Deuce was nearing 6 and a half. Any readjusting one did would usually brush limbs with the other. Bare skin to bare skin.. it was all they could think about. But the worst of it all were each other's scents.

Deuce always smelled good as he always made a conscious effort. He had a natural scent that was earthy and pleasant, and the colognes he chose only enhanced his natural smell. Getting hit with a whiff of vanilla always wanted to make her take a bite out of him, but she knew how to keep it in her pants. Especially when she knew he was taken. But if he ever gave the go ahead... she can't say she would hesitate.

Ka'meisha also always smelled nice, even if she wasn't big on colognes or perfumes. She was big on hair care and matching lotions, and that's all it took to be head over heels for her. The chocolatey smell of the cocoa butter leave-in she used was always so enticing. He wanted to leave her in a plethora of hickeys no one would ever see but him. But they were just homies. Bros. Friends. Even if she was single, he knew she probably didn't swing his way.. right?



The desire for something he knew he could not have won over his usual standoffish approach to friends and potential lovers alike. He looked over, hoping she craved it, too.


A soft snore emanated from the woman in front of him.

She was fast asleep.

Turning on his side, he brought the covers up to his shoulders. "..Serves me right. I need to take my ass to bed, too."

But he couldn't. Twenty minutes went by, then thirty, then sixty. There was no tick of a clock, just the continued pitter patter of the rain. Insomnia created by the exhaustion of the day, yet his body would not let him rest. For a second, he prayed, hoping something would get his eyes to close and stay closed. Then, something warm brushed up against him.

A hand grabbing at him, followed by another hand wrapped around his center. Pelvises locked together like Tetris blocks, then a warm leg draping itself over his own as if to claim him. What felt like a face nuzzled into the center of his back, warm and safe.


Once settled, snores filled the room yet again.

He peeked over his shoulder as much as she could.

Eyes closed, mouth ajar. She was unconscious.

There was a time in his life when he had tried to ask an ex-girlfriend to do what she was doing, to be held. But he learned after your masculinity is questioned once, the relationship never goes back to being the same. He knew never to ask stupid shit like that ever again.

His safety, emotional or otherwise, didn't matter. Just the woman he's with.

And he'd gone the whole nine miles for her to keep her secure. He did everything a 'man was supposed to do'.

He'd always been the holder, never held. The comforter, never the comforted.

To feel so connected and safe in her arms.. was this 'manly'?

This wouldn't last forever. But if it at least lasted through the night.. that's all he could ever hope for.


Half-awake, Ka'meisha slinked out of bed. "Go' morniinnnggg.."

Deuce was an early bird, Ka'meisha was not. He was dressed, personal items packed, ready the get the hell outta dodge. But he waited patiently as she brushed her teeth and got her bearings. After 10 minutes, she finally sauntered out of the bathroom and towards putting on her pants.

Even with her hair a mess and her eyes half dead, it still did something to him. What he wouldn't give to have a domestic life like this. To wake up to her every day. To cook for her and get her all of her favorite shit.

To see her bare body, with consent, willingly.

Going against his better judgement, he brought up something he could've kept his dirty li'l secret.

"You know.. you were cuddling the fuck outta me last night."

Mid pants-putting-on, her face immediately went beet red. "I.. 've been told that a lot. Even as a kid, when I had to sleep in the same bed as my cousins, or brothers, I just always rolled over and cuddled up to them. I just, um.." She blinked thoughtfully, the smile falling from her face. "Sorry. I'm.. listen. I'm really not tryna cause any problems for you and your girlfriend.."

Deuce eyebrow raised. "What? I ain't got one."

"What..?", she trailed off, finally getting her pants on correctly. "What do you mean you don't have one? Then, who were you on the phone with yesterday? Your 'ol' lady'?"

"..My momma. I live with her. Had to let her know when I'd be home." He scoffed. "If I was taken, I don't think any girl I've ever dated woulda been cool with me sleepin' in the same bed as another girl.. even if you are only into girls."

"...you're only kinda correct."


"I like girls, yeah.. but they're not the only thing I like."

Looking her up and down, he retorted, "So, what do you like?"

"I don't have a lot of preferences. Just someone big, and nice, and.. smells good.." She looked around the room, then directly at him. "Like vanilla.."

"Mm. So, you saying you'd date somebody like me?"

"If you were attracted to me.. and interested.. then yeah. I would. In a heartbeat."

Sauntering up to her, he put his hand against the wall, right above her head. Looking forward, all she could see was the blurry outline of his chest and shoulders. Sometimes she forgot how tall he really was. "And what if I was interested?"

"..You serious?"

With his free hand, he lifted her chin up so he could look deeply into those pretty brown eyes he loved. "Ka'meisha.. you're the most beautiful woman I've ever met. But I wasn't gon' step to you until I knew I was your.. 'type'."

"Deuce..", she breathed. "Can I kiss you?"

She couldn't read subtle cues like expressions on faces. And still, she searched for a sign that would let her know her question was received well. She was scared to irrecoverably ruin the friendship neither of them ever wanted.

He chuckled. "Oh, so you doin' the bendin'?"

She couldn't help but grin. "Ha, no, no, I.. not usually. Not with men. Unless that's what you want from me."

"Naw, I don't play like that." One scoop and she was off her feet, legs tightly clasped around him as he grazed her neck with his tongue and teeth. "Come lay down and I'll take care of you."

"Fuck.. fuck. I've wanted this for so long..."

He couldn't stop staring at her like he had won the lottery. "Me too."

She bit her lip. "Won't we miss breakfast?"

"Ain't no breakfast at a motel. And McDonalds serves breakfast till 11. 'Sides.." he whispered, sliding his fingers into the elastic of her boxer briefs, "I got all I needa eat right here."

"Oh, shut the fuck up."

"Make me."

Their first kiss. It took some time to find a rhythm they both felt comfortable with, but once it was found, it left them both out of breath.

"I love you, 'Meisha."

"I love you, too, Deuce."

And so, they had the world's craziest morning sex and got McGriddles after. The End...