i do NOT consume media for whatever reason. i never like things, i dont watch TV, i'll go back to something i like 1000 times before seeking something new. so! i'm attempting to change that!

ive sort of recently gotten into watching a very small select of lets players when im drawing, so if i can do that, i can take my time to watch a movie or some series instead!

my rating system will be:
👎🏽: wasn't for me really
🤔: not sure how to feel about it.. twas aight..
👍🏽: i really liked this!


finished: 09/09/2022 | 👍🏽

a friend of mine told me this was one of their favorite cartoons ever and i thought they were crazy, ngl. but after finishing it... i am extremely surprised i like it a lot.

well, for one, NO ONE GAVE ME ANY TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR THIS LOL but thankfully im not triggered by anything so it didnt matter to much. but BOY does it have way more than your average #edgy adult swim cartoon (but in a good way!)

the first season almost lost me, ngl. it was hard to binge since the episodes were so.. formulaic? and also all i could hear was sandy cheeks instead of orel LOL

but after we got out of caring only abt orel's hijinks and learned abt the townsfolk.. i loved it! orel reminds me so much of spongebob, hes so cute and happy go lucky, i love watching him. SPOILERY TERRITORY but it hurt me so much to see him realize life Isn't that great all the time and the people he idolizes suck too.

the ending was just really nice as well. it could have easily went the other way, where he turns his back on everything, but he didnt, and i think thats way more satisfying !

hopefully sometime i'll get to drawing some art for this show, the s2 finale and clay's voice actor in general rly did the damn thing fr!!!!!


caught up: 11/17/2022 | 👍🏽


i got into blue exorcist in 2011, watched the entire anime (that ended terribly bc the manga wasnt anywhere near finished), and loved it! i read the manga some years ago but it just totally left my mind for a while till now, so i started from the beginning and wow... everything is coming together let me tell YOU

its been 10+ years since the manga started and its just now about to end, probably in late 2023 since what rin set out to do in the first chapter is finally happening!!

i hated yukio so damn much for 90% of this manga but finally in the newer chapters he realizes how mf annoying he is (YES hes like 15 but still) and yknow what... i forgive him i suppose.... theres someone else that has my anger now (SHIMA.)

and man you can just. tell when a manga is written by a woman bc while shiemi isnt my fav type of female character (i like rude mfs) she is still a delight. i love her so much. shes shy and cutesy but still treated w respect, and is important to the story. shiemi x rin is my otp fr.

i also miss fujimoto dearly. fr the dilf of the year. SPOILER TERRITORY! but my god the latest chaps having rin try to kill satan who looks exactly like fujimoto ?! when fujimoto literally died in the first chap bc of satan ?! AND ALSO THE CHAPTER WHERE RIN WENT BACK IN THE PAST TO SEE LIKE DAMN. THINGS REALLY WOULDA BEEN EASIER IF HE HADNT BEEN BORN??? miss kato youre INSANE for that BUT GOD the newest chapters fr tugging on the ol heart strings... save me.....

anyway i cant wait to see when its all finished. since its december now, a new chap should drop soon! please get into aonoexorcist its so good !!


finished: FEB? MARCH? IDR | 👍🏽

i watched this in anticipation for trigun stampede then never watched stampede . WHERE THE HELL IS MILLY IN STAMPEDE?????

it was good and i liked it a lot! vash became my new blonde babygirl (only second to my oc vaughn. they could be besties though)

i dont have much to say bc i totally forgot to log it here so its gone from my brain. love the character designs, love the goofiness, and peace and love etc etc hehe


finished: 04/19/2023 | 👍🏽

i started vbros literally 6+ months ago but i accidentally binged it then adhdly forgot until literally two weeks ago .


i think its the first show where idc to self ship w anyone bc all them mfs are crazy. but i loved the, well, venture bros, and rusty + brocks relationship too. i think rusty's brother is fine asf for whatever reason but yknow whos even finer? dr girlfriend.

i rly cant understate how much i loved the character designs. it reminded me of my own art, with how extremely Random they were. no one looked like each other. i took over 100 screenshots for my own art reference bc i LOVE how vbros stylizes dif facial features esp noses.

my fav character design is killinger and red death for very obvs reasons (SKELETON NATION RIIIISE), then dr gfs fine ass, and i love the monarch and gary too, brock's sexy but even sexier when he's with warriana (love a man who takes it in the ass) YADDA YADDA i just enjoyed the lil journey i was able to go on w/ all of them!

sirena though girl.... you aint have to do that tho. CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE !!