Kamdeuce (Traversion)


Ka'meisha (Traversion), Deuce (Traversion)

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Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Nightmares, Protectiveness


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Chapter 1: Ue Ue Ue


OK HIIII THIS FIC IS LIKE 16+ IM SHY LOLZ also there will be two chaps.. i think its better like that... they'll talk more later

Another night, another nightmare.

Peeking through the blinds, the moon bathed his bed in speckled light. He exhaled sharply, watching the steam from his nose cavity appear then dissipate just as quickly. Specks of dust danced throughout the air, irritating him. He knew he kept on top of dusting, being thorough with his cleaning despite him being blissfully alone most days. It was just his nature.

But tonight, he wasn't by his lonesome. He didn't have to be lonely. Not with the love of his life, his 'pretty', right there beside him.


It'd been a few since she came over to spend the night, honestly. She laid on his left, fast asleep, her coral curls spread like a halo around her head. The silk pillowcase beneath her reflected lightly onto her smooth, brown skin. It was green, her favorite color.

He let his gaze sweep over her, from her lush two-toned lips to the golden chain draped across her chest, then to the patch of hair trailing down her stomach. Her tank top had shifted in her sleep, revealing one of his favorite places on her body. He refrained from combing his fingers through the strip, instead continuing to find more features he could admire.

Watching her while she slept had become such a routine, one that she knew nothing about. It always grounded him after his night terrors. With them happening more often than he would like, he always wondered what she would say if she could catch him in the act. Would she find it creepy or comforting? Would she feel as protected as he's trying to make her feel? Does she know how much he cared about her? Would she want to?

He shut his eyes to the possibility, if just for a moment. Despite being in numerous relationships, being with her made everything so new to him. He was always learning and unlearning, in a constant state of realizing how to please her. This wasn't a relationship he wanted to lose. He hoped his efforts were received the way he would want to receive them.

A soft whimper breaks him from his thoughts, his eyes darting towards what could be the source of the sound.

Then another, but lower in pitch. A line appeared between her brows, then another by the corner of her lips. She became unsettled, panting and pulling the covers off her with her legs. Her already closed eyes squeezed shut, as if trying to become impenetrable.

The distress on her face wasn't all too unfamiliar to him. Sitting up, he could hear her mutter a quiet 'please' under her breath. He'd helped with things like this in the past.


Rizatap.. trap... tip? Rizatriptan Benz-whatever., he mumbles to himself as he sifts through the numerous pill bottles on his nightstand. The migraine meds... no, this is Lexapro.


With one hand holding a water bottle and pills, he used the other to caress her face, lightly rubbing his thumb over her cheekbone.

"Kam. Ka'meisha. Baby. Wake up.", he cooed.

She stirred, struggling to open her eyes as her long locks obscured her view. "Mmm, Deuce, that you...? Wh-what time is it?", she panted, her tone seemingly frantic. Gentle fingers continued to brush over her cheek, making her press into his hand. "Mmf..."

His expression softened as she came back to consciousness. "Come on,", he chided, "Come get your meds." His hand traced down her arms to her palm, making sure she got a good grip on the water bottle before letting go. "You can take this at night, right? Move your hair out of you face and open your water, I'll give you a migraine pill."

With him still cupping her face, he rubbed over her bottom lip with his thumb, waiting for her reply. Instead, she kept her face down, hair continuing to hide her face he desperately wanted to see.


His slitted pupils watched her silently, brow furrowing.

Was she alright?

"Ka'meisha", he repeated, "look at me."

Tilting her head up, he could see why she didn't reply. Kam's head swiveled around, attempting to keep him from laying his eyes on her sunken eyes and tear-stained cheeks. "Just give me a second. Please just give me a second.", she fretted, using the back of her free hand to palm at her face. Smiling awkwardly, she sputtered, "You know I don't like you seeing me like this."

Without a second thought, he brought her into himself, his strong hands swathing her in safety. His chest was sturdy yet soft and inviting, her own personal haven. In the lowest volume his baritone voice could muster, he pressed a kiss to her temple and whispered, 'what's wrong'. The new tears that had threatened to fall made true on their threats.

She couldn't do anything but cling to him.

And he was alright with that.

So, he waited. Bared with the grueling silence, with only an occasional sniffle or rustle to alert him that she was still awake.

Muffled, she started, "It's not about--I don't have a migraine. I've been good all day. I've just been having these-- so many fuckin' nightmares..." Usually, she'd try the locate the reds of his eyes, or the shine of his septum ring to give herself something to focus on as she spoke. But it was too dark, and she was too embarrassed. She burrowed her face into his chest for comfort.

"I haven't been sleepin' here because I've just been havin' them back to back. I just-- I missed you so much, I just wanted to see you...", her voice cracked. Her hand wandered over to his inked bicep, rubbing her fingers over the places she vaguely remembered his tattoos would be. "I wanted to see you. I'm sorry, baby. I just really wanted to spend time.."

He exhaled, raising his hand to tangle within her pretty pink ringlets. The smell of cocoa butter washed over him. "You know ain't gotta apologize for something like that."

"Have you ever had anything like this? Nightmares?"

Empathy. She's asking for too much from me.., his mind whispered.

Again, with the learning and unlearning. Was he capable of being as vulnerable as her?

After a beat of silence, he relented.

"I have.. before."

Her ears perked up. "Yeah? How'd they go away?"

"I thought of you."