tra - ver - sion, the act or process of passing through or across something.

   Miami is home to many: the rich, the poor, the newly immigrated, and the people with many a skeleton in their closet. As it continues, there will always be something happening in the Magic City. In with the new, then onto the next. That's the motto.

   One man realizes no matter how much he runs, it seems he can't get to that 'next'. An obvious outlier. When you don't have space to accept the new, it's hard for the motto to apply to you.


A standoffish man with an unchanging countenance.

Bit of a casanova, but only when convenient. He doesn't say much if he doesn't have to, and prefers to say nothing at all, if he can help it.

Whereas most people wish they could find out where they really came from, Deuce knows and doesn't care. An accident landed him in the arms of a family that actually cares about him, and he'll do anything to maintain the life he has now.


A sultry woman adorned with many tattoos and piercings.

Loves to drink and party, but ultimately is about her money. She's not much for conversation or friendship unless it gets her paid.

Her moving from the Caribbean to the States has been a good move for her, but a tumultuous one. With every step forward, comes a new step back. But at least the clubs are always open..


A warmhearted woman with coily pink locks.

She finds it incredibly easy to talk to new people and make friends; people tend to remark that her low tone and mellow demeanor make them feel safe around her.

An accident left her without the full range of her vision, along with a myriad of other health issues. She uses her love for the ocean, music, and her homeland to cope and find new meaning.


A cheeky guy with a cheeky smile.

Extremely cocky, he often says what he wants, when he wants, because he thinks he's deserved the right to. Despite this, he's not cruel, just a big bragger.

His overconfidence leads him into precarious situations on the regular. But with rich parents, there's nothing he can't get out of. Well, except for one thing..


A beautiful woman with the stars in her eyes.

She's extremely kind and devoted, with a bit of an edge to her. Firmly about her babies, and her books.

After putting her party days behind her and settling down, she learned uprooting herself was actually what would complete her. Now she takes days one by one, in the sun.


A red hot girl with hot red hair.

Despite seeming standoffish, she's actually extremely bookish, just like her mother. You're likely to find her staying after class to study, or being forced by her friends to let loose and party.

As she navigates day to day life, she realizes it's hard when you're no longer a kid, but not quite an adult. There's so many things you can do now, so many things to try..
but should you?


why do so many characters have colorful hair and eyes?

radiation, baby!

what is a riker?

who knows!

what is deuce? is he a riker?


will this story have a webcomic?

yes! shooting to drop it in 2024.




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