most definitely got into jersey club from that one we are young remix in the mid 2010s.

...i miss vine.

i've graduated from listening to most ‘normie jersey club’ and almost exclusively listen to the stuff from weird 20 somethings who don't even live in jersey on soundcloud. that’s where you find the remixes of the weirdest things possible, my exact genre.

as the name states, it’s club music straight from new jersey! so if you’re not here to dance or shake ass, GO HOME!

if you like these, here’s my jersey playlist!


this is a ‘new’ genre! it’s very.. nightcore + ytpmv-ish + mashup-y + jersey club at times.. also been dubbed 'zoomercore' which would be quite correct.

dariacore also would fall under the hyperpop genre, which is essentially just breakcore for tiktok teens.

but anyway.


idk how to describe their genre.. obviously electronic but with such a distinct.. y2k-y vibe? feels very clean. But whatever, metaroom isn’t the only person with this style, but they were the first i found!


its close enough to breakcore, but i never really got into d&b because its usually very.. slow. or theres just not enough going on for me. as always, soundcloud comes to the rescue!

bye2’s music makes me feel like im trapped in a ps2 game. which is great actually! they even have a neocities as well, but here's their music anyways because i love it a lot !!


i'm not into this genre as much as i used to be (it's literally 2022), but there are some bops here and there i still listen to!

that's all for my trip down memory lane! again, if you liked any of this music, feel free to look through my soundcloud!! i don't make music myself, i just love finding it and have a bunch of playlists/stuff in my likes you might like too. thanks for reading !