EDM is extremely important to me, as it’s what I listen to to draw most times! I’ve been into it for about a decade now, and I love finding new things!


you might be asking, why the hell are ytpmvs on here and why am i listening to them seriously. well 1. my brain is mush. be nice. and 2. ytpmvs were actually my gateway into breakcore!

for context, i was a 11 year old with unlimited internet access, but i mostly spent my time on the anime side of youtube. after spending so long watching silly anime clips, i got hooked on 'otoMADs', or just 'mads'.

otomads are very similar to ytpmvs, except they usually have voices laid over the original bgm, unlike ytpmvs that recreate the whole song by scratch with samples from random media.

here's an otoMAD i still remember by heart vs a more recent ytpmv!

i became so obsessed with both, i even had ytpmvs on my ipod LOL.

sometime during this time, i came across a ytpmv called 'Usual shtking railgun', the bgm being 'usual shitking' by renard. i wondered if they had more music like that, and researched.. THEN IT WAS ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE.

here are some of my favorite ytpmvs of all time! my favorites tend to be multisource ones with fun sentence mixing. if it sounds exactly like the original bgm, then where's the fun in that? simple but bouncy, hypnotic visuals are my favorite as well !!

i also have a blog dedicated to them, to the surprise of no one,

now onto breakcore...