hey this is just a rinky dink li'l page to keep up w/ all the webcomics i like or am reading! tagging some of the webcomics for things i care about teehee (comics with a triangle symbol next to it are clickable to hear my thoughts on it!)


🖤 - black main character(s) // 💪 - masculine women // ✨ - magical girls // 🔞 - balls and all (not usually Explicit) // 💤 - on hiatus // 😓 - abandoned // ✅ - completed


Long Exposure

comic about a nerd and his bully. marsoid seems to love nerd x jock and this was his descent into it fr. fun li'l read

Vibe 🖤😓

can barely remember this one but i was HOOKED as a kid. sad it got abandoned, i thought the older sister(?) was so fine fr..

Parallax ✨✅

magical BOY comic but whatever. still so into the art style, its eye candy!! BUT IM UNSURE WHY I CANT FIND THE AUTHOR/ARTIST ANYWHERE? I LOOKED HIGH N LOW AND THEY JUST DISAPPEARED OFF THE INNANET.... SAD

Sleepless Domain ✨🖤

sleepless domain still goes on, i just lost interest to be honest. LISTEN NOT TO BE RUDE.. but after oscar (original artist) left, the author drawing it just doesn't rly do it for me.. so. and also it's very inspired by madoka LOL. so it's just like. whatever! maybe one day i'll return to it. but it's not in my reading pile tbh.

Helvetica 😓

YEAHHHHH the comic that inspired papyrus and sans undertale !! did you know i read it before ut released in 2015? <- extreme skeleton enjoyer
it's very grim fandango-y tbh, sad it twas abandoned..

Agents of The Realm ✨🖤

magical girls in university. it WAS a webcomic but doesn't update online anymore :( BUT it has physical books.. if you're broke, either read the first chapter from the first link, or read it through the wayback machine as much as you can.

Casual Hex 🖤💤

yet again sad its been on hiatus for so long! got a lot to do with ghosts and the supernatural. come back the main dude was cute!!!!

Love Circuits 😓

woman x robot. im nothing if not self indulgent. we need more of these stories (for me)

Avas Demon

yet another comic that inspired/has something to do with undertale that i read before ut was ever released. a girl dies and makes a pact with a demon to keep living. gorgeous art!! like genuinely #showstopping

Monster Pop 🖤✅

i read this comic in the late middleschool/ the beginning of highschool, man. so nostalgic.. basically monster prom but better. the original site is down [:(] but it's archived on tapas! seeing the art style change sm during it is so lovely!!

Brujaha ✨🖤😓 Shattered Starlight ✨😓


Monsterhead 💪💤

story about a woman who is like, cursed by a witch or something to have a weird head/face? she wants to figure out where she comes from i think, or who cursed her. shes also a masc woman, just to let you know. thats importance.

Dom & Mor 🖤💪

rly cute comic abt two women dating. ones a lesbian and ones ace! they take care of each other and its sooo cute !! i wouldnt consider dom a masc woman Entirely but shes got a cool angroydnous thing going on. she counts!!

kaleidoscope 🖤

i missed so much hell/devil may cry/whatever imagery in this comic bc i went 'omg a woman named dante? okayyyy #gnc' LOLLLL but anyway its abt a girl who meets her reincarnated soulmate. (HIS NAME IS VIRGIL LIKE... LOL. BUT HE FINE THOUGH) shes also followed around by a dead/ghost girl? errrr its also romance. its interesting and the art style is very interesting/pretty to me!!

Stick n Poke 🖤💪

girl loves a band for years and then gets to become their manager. shes always had a crush on the lead singer and now she gets to fuck him. cute comic i just need mal to grow a spine a lil bit. like girl stand up LOL. also the main girl (mal) isnt black, but there are two black women that are main enough that i feel like i can tag em as such!!

Bellum Pulchrum 🖤

shounen but good!

Ride or Die 🖤

OOOO supernatural car comic, another nerd x jock by marsoid, AND theres a masked man in here. Read It.

Onti 🖤💪💤

this comic was made for me specifically.. big muscular black women from jamaica with elemental powers.. ough.. i await new updates....


EE i rly cool scifi comic!! idk its interesting to Me even if i dont get it 100% of the time. due for a reread so i can re-remember what happens in it

Midnight Furies 🖤💪

kuroko no basket but like, insaner. idr her name rn but the chick who looks like a snake? i want her so bad. its always me w the gnc women but at least i live my truth.

Queen of Dirt 🖤

BLACK FANTASY!!!!! i love this persons ocs so bad, cant wait to see where it goes tbh

Hard Lacquer 💪

vigilante and her hunky masc bodyguard lady who steals stuff or whatever. listen theres not one but Two masc women in here and also the styles cute. very storyboard artist from california fr

Akin 🖤


Triple Moon 🖤💪

big buff black vamp women romancing each other. i like to look..

Buuza!! 🖤

beautiful comic!! i cant remember exactly what cultures are being shown but perhaps south east asian? about a dude whos a sex line worker who gets a call from a guy in distress and decides to like, help him out. and they become friends. idk i enjoy it a lot more than i thot i would! also vague masc woman character in there. she's hairy. it counts.

The Others 🖤💤

cute black witch comic that's just starting off. I NEED TO KNOW WHY THE GRANDMA HAS A COUGH OKAY UPDATE SOON PLEEEEEK

Shot & Chaser 🖤 🔞

couple(?) who chases storms? one is also a photographer. idk i just rly like this one! the art style is so nice to look at, not colorful and over the top, just Good. i tend to save a lot of pages to reference later.

Moonlight Star 🖤✨

BLACK MAGICAL GIRLS YEEEHAWWW!!!! im collecting them like mario coins. sonic rings. i love to see it

Glitter & Guilt ✨🖤🔞

another black magical girl comic ehehe. main girl is a magi girl who is dating the big bad villain. also starting out but there's a lot of content abt the pair on the author's social medias !! check rockybloo out on tumblr/insta/twit

The End of You 🖤 🔞

haitan version of that one mafiafell comic honestly. its just nice to see comics of people who are grown grown. i'd totally be the main characters' third !

Fairmeadow 💪

fun li'l dnd type story.. main character is a masc woman. idr what fantasy race she is though. i want that lil skinny twink man she meets carnally. etc

Bicycle Boy 🖤

the only post apoc(?) webcomic or anything ive really enjoyed. idk all the characters are just so Full and Rich.. no ones like each other... so cool honestly!!! i LOVE poet..

Peony 🖤

AHHHHH a fun new comic abt a girl who steals and gets caught everytime. she's so me. my new kin. (i made a pic of her my fb icon. because peony herself? an icon.)

UM ✨🖤

ANOTHER BLACK MAGICAL GIRL WEBCOMIC! for people with big brains bc the writing does allude me sometimes. but i love it! its hashtag #different #notlikeyouniggas etc

Phototaxis of a Fighter 💪💤 Red & Teresa 🖤💪💤 The Hues ✨🖤💤 Brutalizer 💪🔞 Fluvoxamine71 🔞 Lies Within


Daybreak 🖤 Tiger, Tiger Lucky! 💤 Kay and P Xii Super Butch! 🖤💪 Wychwood