i was a 11 year old with unlimited internet access, but i mostly spent my time on the anime side of youtube. after spending so long watching silly anime clips, i got hooked on 'otoMADs', or just 'mads'.

otomads are very similar to ytpmvs, except they usually have voices laid over the original bgm, unlike ytpmvs that recreate the whole song by scratch with samples from random media.

here's an otoMAD i still remember by heart vs a more recent ytpmv!

i became so obsessed with both, i even had ytpmvs on my ipod in middle school LOL.

now i realize i am a girlie with ADHD, and something about the bouncy visuals and very chopped up samples stimulates the ol' frontal lobe or whatever, but it doesn't make me love 'em any less!

ytpmvs got me into a lot of anime i woulda maybe never watched on my own (like lucky star!) or got me familiar with games i'd never played (like pokemon!)


i wanted to go straight into my favorite ytpmvs ever, but i realized not everyone may know the lil nerd terminology everyone uses. so i'll explain!

favorite types

i usually like video game ost BGMs, and original ones like renard. (oh the ytpmv to breakcore lover pipeline is strong..) i'm also a fan of multisource ones, or at least ones i'm familiar with! I LOVE. LOVEEE SENTENCE MIXING IN A YTPMV. i dont really care for ytpmvs that are an extremely faithful recreation of the song. its impressive! but its boring. also i love bouncy visuals. they dont need to have 3D backgrounds and hours of rendering in after effects to impress me lol.

fav ytpmv creators


fav ytpmvs of all time